Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Something to Ponder

How successful will I ever be in this racket, d'you suppose, when I'm reluctant to admit seeing any movie?


anodyne Brownie said...

why would you deny seeing anything Bobby Du-vall has been in, or Altman's NASHVILLE, or close ups of Leone's Mexican Geberal sucking eggs, or Ms Stanwyk in the supermarket shooting Fred in the stomach ... "I love you Walter, I knew I loved you when I couldn't fire that second shot".

I would not admit to having seen much of the past 20 years output, but historically there has been joy.

Why is Alex In Wonderland never mentioned anywhere - I'd like to see it again. so hippy trippy.

Happy New Year

Vanwall said...

Is this an existential question, as in who really "watches" movies? Oh, you big kidder!

The Hound said...

Your feelings are totally understandable, you could be home watching movies Tivo'd off of TCM on Sunday night (when they show rare silents).
This is the time of year that, since my wife is a member of the writer's guild we get sent a dvd (digitally watermarked so we can't pass it on) of virtually every movie that can possibly be nominated for a bowling trophy.
And a wretched bunch they are this year...is it me or is Kate Winslet just an awful actress? The only things we didn't hate so far have been The Wrestler and Slumdog Millionaire. If you want to see a list of the worst movies ever made glance down the list of past Academy Award Winning Best Pictures.
The only thing I saw in a theater (except revivals) that I enjoyed was Encounters At The End Of The World (which was made in 2007). Is it true that the mighty Zog filmed a remake of the Bad Lieutenant in New Orleans with Nick Cage and Val Kilmer? Hard to imagine, but I guess stranger things than that happen every day. happy new year,

Flickhead said...

...probably more successful than I've been...

Sam said...

Dude, if I'd had known that the comments were going to be that freakin' deep, I would totally have thought of something to say here. However, I got nothing, Tom.

But hey, I think you're good enough that SOMEBODY has to pay attention to you.