Sunday, November 9, 2008

Film Audio: Loving Leni

In this adventure in Q&A conducted at New York's Museum of Jewish Heritage in May of 2007, unrepentant Dietrich biographer and former United Artists Production chief . . . before he unleashed all vengeance in his book Final Cut . . . Steven Bach discusses the life, times and cinema of Leni Riefenstahl; the only woman on earth to give Dr. Goebbels a hard time (read that however you wish) and live to tell the tale. The discussion is moderated by Gabriel Sanders, former associate editor of the Jewish Daily Forward.

Note: An interval -- during which the diving sequence of Riefenstahl's Olympia 2. Teil: Fest der Schönheit is unfurled in all its breathtaking majesty before the assembed audience -- has been edited from this recording (I mean, I love Herbert Windt's score; but without the images, it's music that's really only good if you're getting psyched up to conquer Poland).

Update: Yes, I'm aware that this is perhaps an unconscionably cheap way of generating content for this blog, but given my chronic inability to construct a sentence that is of even remote interest to anyone (myself included . . . I might even say myself principally), it was either this or something in a similar vein. You have my apologies on that score . . . and no other.

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