Saturday, July 5, 2008

Film Blog Focus: The Auteurs' Notebook

"The Auteurs," by their own account, "is a web site with a uniquely curated library of films delivered through high-definition streaming and download on demand. It is an online cinematheque where film lovers around the world come together to watch, discuss, and read about the best of cinema." For our present purposes, their site features The Auteurs' Notebook, an exceptional blog collecting all the things that make the cinephile heart beat that much faster.

In recent entries:

Dan Sallit swoons (with slight reservations) over a pair of Hiroki Ryuichi entries at the 2008 NYAFF

David Phelps makes this correspondent swoon with a report on Ken Jacobs' Razzle Dazzle

In another NYAFF dispatch, Daniel Kasman riffs on 'The Kubrick Stare' and its residue in Cheang Pou-soi's Shamo

m swiezynski continues a series on the strange, wondrous influence Marfa, Texas and its unforgiving moonscape have had on our cinema, with a flotilla of images from Paul Thomas Anderson's unruly jeremiad on the American soul, There Will Be Blood.

And . . .

An unsigned and (frankly) overly generous plug for some blog that's been running a series of Alfred Hitchcock interview recordings.


Vanwall said...

Oooo, nice linky, sir!

Tom Sutpen said...

You is welcome (he said, doffing his cap).

swac said...

Culture schmulture. I just like me some stuff.

Tom Sutpen said...

Yeah, but this film cultcha racket's the sweetest one going, innit?