Thursday, July 3, 2008

Notepad Recovery: Hello, Metropolis!

Two nights ago, I was rooting through a tower of legal pads I have around the house. I mainly use them to memorialize notes (both random and purposeful), stray phrases, and sentences I intended to use in the composition of this piece or that one (this is, of course, back when I was still actively engaged in writing about film). As I say, I was going through the shapeless mass of these contents when I came across the following; written well over a year ago, and for a purpose I'm unable to recall:

Metropolis, that occult skyscraper of vision piled atop ever more crazed vision; of fairy tale narrative and futuristic nightmare; of half-buried eroticism and a mystic symbology lifted, with all the weightless ease of an empty bottle, from the Old Testament; all in service to a vaguely Socialist fever dream its director, Fritz Lang, had no real interest in. That tattered Metropolis, in all of its deranged willfulness and splendor, will almost certainly never be seen in its entirety again.

On this auspicious day . . . a day on which that blinkered observation is reduced to joyous ash with the discovery, at long last, of all that has been missing from Lang's half-sane masterwork . . . I feel chuffed enuff to go solo, as it were, and start the cine-blog you are reading now.

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Ivan G. Shreve, Jr. said...

Dude, you're like the Starbucks of cinema blogs--how is it possible to construct another franchise when I know Charlie Parker alone must keep you busier than a one-armed paper hanger?

Well, anyway--I went ahead and linked to the blog. (I must be the laziest person alive: I can barely come up with enough crap to put on my own sorry-ass site.) Best of luck to you, mi compadre.

Filmbo said...

Looking forward to reading this one as well! Charlie Parker was a real gift to all of us.

Maybe tomorrow you'll talk about the missing footage from Greed!

Tom Sutpen said...


That's quite a commandment. Would that all of us remembered to follow it :)

Ivan Ivanovich:

Mille grazie, signor, both for the kind words and the link. I shall reciprocate once I get down to tinkering with the look of this thing (give ol' Charlie Parker's harassed template a rest). The other blog actually doesn't take a lot of time to work on; in fact, of late it's been more of a snap since I'm now able to schedule my posts in advance (I gots the next week already lined up and ready to go). It gives me time to make something out of this. Let's see if I can actually do that.


Thankye kindly!

That's an interesting suggestion re: 'Greed". Not that I'll be detailing what's missing and what ain't (that's already been established by abler acolytes to the Stroheim legacy than I), but this Lang discovery does give renewed hope to those of us who've been inclined to write off the possibility of ever finding the missing footage from Stroheim's American nightmare, or perhaps a more-complete cut of 'The Magnificent Ambersons'

Anything, you see, is now more possible than it was.

Tom Sutpen said...


Was it something I said??

H. P. L. said...

Here goes another bookmark...

Pierre Fournier said...

Gives us the Bela Lugosi test footage for Frankenstein and we're really in business.

Good luck with the new blog. I've got my ticket and I'll ride this Streetcar wherever it takes me.

Goofball said...

just when i was getting done with your back stuff on Charlie Parker.. i get to hitch my habit to a streetcar.. Terrific



Tom Sutpen said...

Pierre, Pietro and Sid:

Thank you, gentlemen. With a little luck this streetcar will ride into eternity . . . or at least the next month.

Cheers, all.

Vanwall said...

I love catching the 'E' street car on the fly - wheee! Thanks, Mr. Conductor T!

Tom Sutpen said...

Well, I won't pretend I have a firm idea of what I'm going to do here. Like the other blog, I only know what I don't want to do (you won't find a great many images here, for example). My hope is that a format will fall into place of its own accord if I plug away at this long enough, trying whatever I can think of along the way.

mister muleboy said...

mister sutpen:


It's gonna be a pleasure reading and seeing more from you; I know that the different site will surely be a rope ladder up from a different sinkhole in your film-and-culture-loving soul.

Tom Sutpen said...

Thank you. I have a small, pinpoint-sized feeling that it will be that very thing.

R.E.II™ said...

Ill link to you as the film writer